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Our laser customer changed to use S&A brand water chiller for ZKZM lasers[ 05-18 02:26 ]
There is always an unexpectedsurprise facilitating us to know more about the industry, when Teyu pays a visit to the customer. President Zhang had been using the other brand of water chiller for their ZKZM lasers. But now they begin to use S&A water chiller. This time when we visited President Zhang, we talked about the laser industry. President Zhang talked to us: “ZKZM laser sells very well. All of the lasers we use are from ZKZM and we’re using S&A water chiller for the cooling.”
A laser customer came to us for the purchase of S&A CW-6200 water chiller according to the recommendation of their friend[ 05-12 23:28 ]
The laser customer, President Xiao: “ Hello! We want to order a CW-6200 water chiller.” S&A water chiller: “Hello! Would you please advise if you have ever used this model? What device has it been used to cool?” The laser customer, President Xiao: “ No. We never used it. One of my friends recommended it to me for the cooling of 500W fiber laser.”
S&A CW-5000water chiller together with theCO2 laser marker are covered in the customer’s catalog[ 05-11 23:25 ]
In reviewing the customer’s product catalog, we found once again that S&A water chillers had been covered in the customer’s product catalog. But this time, they were the CW-5000 water chiller with 800W cooling capacity and CW-6000 water chiller with 3000W cooling capacity. Both of them serve to cool the customer’s CO2 laser marker.
S&A CW-6000water chiller together with the handheld laser welder are covered in the customer’s catalog[ 05-10 23:26 ]
AreS&A water chillers covered in the customer’s product catalog? Yes! Teyu found that their water chillers had been covered in the customer’s product catalog when they were reviewing the customer’s product catalog taken from the DPES Sign Expo.
The repurchase of four S&A water chiller models by the Spanish ozonizer manufacturer[ 05-09 01:17 ]
Felix: “Hello! We want to order another four S&A water chillers for test, including S&A CW-3000, CW-5200, CW-6000 and CW-6200 water chillers.”
Affirmation of the quality of S&A chillers and re-purchase of CW-6200 chiller by the 3D printer customer[ 05-06 00:41 ]
Manager Lin (a 3D printer customer): “Hello, I bought a CW-6200 chiller for cooling 3D printers from you last year. The chiller was stable in quality and provided good cooling results. I want to buy several more.” S&A Water Chiller: “Happy New Year, Manager Lin! Thank you for your support and trust in S&A Water Chiller. Are you ordering the CW-6200 chiller with a cooling capacity of 5,100W this time?”
A visit of the Malaysian laboratory equipment customer to S&A Water Chiller[ 05-03 23:34 ]
Today, the customer Cecil from the far Malaysia and engaged in laboratory equipment trading visited S&A. Cecil previously purchased several chillers from S&A covering the types of CW-3000, CW-5000, CW-5300, CW-6200, CW-6300, etc., and had a good impression on S&A water chillers.
A reminder from S&A Water Chiller: the anti-freezing fluid cannot be used for long-time given its corrosive property[ 04-18 03:41 ]
The Spring Festival has gone. Enterprises have began their business. But, don’t forget to change the cooling water for your water chiller.
Affirmation of S&A water chiller quality by a Ji’nan-based laser customer S&A visited[ 04-17 03:22 ]
China has attached great importance to environmental protection. As a response to the country’s call, enterprises attempt to do something to improve their own products so that they are more compatible with the national requirements.
The green light for proper functioning of CW-5200 water chiller turned to yellow light? A counterfeit![ 04-11 03:51 ]
S&A received an email from an American customer Ahern, stating that the indicator for normal operation of a CW-5200 water chiller bought by Ahern turned from green to yellow with pictures of the chiller attached.
S&A CW-5000 water chillers bought by a Malaysian laser customer ten years ago still in use[ 04-10 03:38 ]
Andy: “Hello, is there any dealer of S&A branded water chiller in Malaysia?” S&A Water Chiller: “Hello, Andy. There is no S&A dealer in Malaysia. You can directly place an order on S&A website.”
S&A water chiller body printed by Automatic screen-printing machine to achieve improved process and prevention of imitations[ 04-07 03:40 ]
Good News! S&A has introduced the automatic screen-printing machine to print special marks (such as S&A logo “S&A”, chiller model, etc.) for water chiller body with an aim to pursue better quality and bring customers with better product experience.
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