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[Hot News]S&A Recirculating Water Chiller CW-6000 for Cooling High-Power Laser Diode[ 2018-06-20 13:30 ]
Laser diode, which uses certain semiconductor as the working medium to generate laser light, is one of the most practical lasers in laser industry.
[Videos]Laser cutting machine field can not do without effective cooling S&A Laser industry chiller[ 2018-01-14 21:45 ]
Laser cutting machine field can not do without effective cooling S&A Laser industry chiller
[Cases]1000W Laser Cutting Machine Is Perfectly Matched with S&A CWFL-1000 Double-temperature Water Chiller[ 2017-12-19 21:12 ]
The development of laser industry is more and more active, and laser technologies are keeping improving. For laser processing, it must mention the fiber laser. According to rough statistics, more than 70,000 fiber lasers of China were delivered in the last year. Following the pace of the market closely, S&A launched its CWFL series optical laser water chiller.
[Cases]The cooling of IPG2000W laser device with the dual temperature and dual pump water chiller S&A CW-6500[ 2017-05-24 05:40 ]
Many customers have good impressions on S&A water chillers. Recently, a customer from Wuhan City “chose to use ”S&A CW-6500 dual temperature and dual pump water chiller to cool their IPG2000W laser device. This customer is a manufacturer mainly specialized in the development, production and sales of laser processing equipment in the laser industry
[Hot News]Our laser customer changed to use S&A brand water chiller for ZKZM lasers[ 2017-05-18 02:26 ]
There is always an unexpectedsurprise facilitating us to know more about the industry, when Teyu pays a visit to the customer. President Zhang had been using the other brand of water chiller for their ZKZM lasers. But now they begin to use S&A water chiller. This time when we visited President Zhang, we talked about the laser industry. President Zhang talked to us: “ZKZM laser sells very well. All of the lasers we use are from ZKZM and we’re using S&A water chiller for the cooling.”
[Hot News]Replacement of Europe water chiller with TEYU (S&A) water chiller by a Poland laser customer[ 2016-10-24 22:35 ]
Our customers familiar with S&A water chillers almost know that 60% of S&A water chillers are exported to foreign countries, and have received a good reputation abroad. In the last year when the S&A water chillers exported to foreign countries were used in IPG laser industry
[Cases]S&A refrigeration chiller CW-5200 for lab instruments[ 2016-09-27 22:48 ]
In recent years, the propaganda on S&A water chiller has been strengthened with the industries involved including not only the laser industry, but also the cooling of UV, spindle and lab instruments etc. The outstanding performance of S&A water chiller in cooling lab instruments results in the emergence of more and more cases about the cooling of lab instruments
[Cases]S&A CW-5200 water chiller for cooling CRDlaser 30W metal RF tube[ 2016-09-21 03:11 ]
In the laser industry, metal RF tube has always been applied to the following devices, including cutting machine, welding machine and marking machine etc. However most of the users would like to choose the foreign brands. Taking S&A water chiller as an instance, the brands it serves always include: Rofin, SYNRAD, SPI, DEOS, UNIVERSAL and COHERENT. Currently, there are not so many metal RF brands in China. What we’re familiar with just includes CRD and JS.
[Cases]S&A water chiller for Picoseconds and Femtosecond laser[ 2016-08-19 03:14 ]
Mr. Fu is engaged in Picoseconds laser and Femtosecond laser industry. Mr. Fu has purchased S&A chiller CW-5000 of 800W cooling capacity and CW-5200 of 1400W cooling capacity for testing and reflect the chiller work well so far.
[Cases]Refrigerating water chiller for 200W RF marking machine[ 2015-08-30 22:38 ]
When I attended the Visiting Delegation of Guangdong Laser Industry Association to Europe In Jun. I met an old partner who specialized in sheet metal RF marking machine at present and used to adopt S&A thermolysis type water cooler CW-3000.
[S&A Application]Laser industry chiller for CO2 laser tube[ 2014-04-22 03:07 ]
Laser industry chiller for CO2 laser tube
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