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[FAQ]What is the relationship between Inno UV laser and Inngu UV laser?[ 2018-01-16 20:48 ]
Inno (Shenzhen Inno Laser Technology Co., Ltd.) is a foreign brand is the light in the laser, the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese. Inngu(Suzhou Ying Valley Laser company business) is a domestic UV laser brand. Many customers are using special domain CWUL-10 chiller for cooling, the valley of ener 3W-15W UV laser.
[FAQ]Cold water machine flow and the inno UV laser will cause what effect?[ 2017-12-24 20:30 ]
Innovo UV laser questions users in the purchase of cold water machine: cold water machine flow and whether the ultraviolet laser will cause what impact? Xiao T: the question that the user raises is also the problem that most ultraviolet laser users can easily ignore. According to the experience of special field chiller, the pressure of water is large, and the internal impact of laser will lead to crystal damage.
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