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[FAQ]Is the Huaray Laser 3W-5W UV laser equipped with CWUL-05 cooling water tank adequate refrigerating capacity?[ 2018-04-18 22:49 ]
The cooling capacity of S&A CWUL-05 cooling water tank is up to 0.37KW. It is specially configured for 3W-5W UV laser. It is suitable for the cooling of UV laser, such as Huaray Laser, Inngu Laser,Inno Laser,RFH Laser and so on. It can better stabilize the light, prolong the life and save the user's cost.
[Cases]S&A CWUL-10 Chiller for Cooling the 3-15W UV Laser from INNGU LASER and RFH LASER[ 2018-04-16 22:39 ]
The company that Manager Cai works for specializes in manufacturing the UV laser marking machines, which often work with the generators form RFH LASER and INNGU LASER, and are equipped with 1P chiller for cooling the UV laser.
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