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[Cases]S&A Closed-Loop Water Chiller CW-5200 for Cooling 4pcs of 2KW Spindle Heads of CNC Milling Machine[ 2018-07-09 09:10 ]
It is now summer and we are all busy finding our own ways to cool ourselves. Have you provided effective cooling for your equipment?
[FAQ]What kind of water cooling engraving machine and air cooling engraving machine is good, how does the 8KW spindle choose the cold water machine?[ 2018-02-25 20:57 ]
The main axis of the engraving machine is divided into two kinds of water cooling and air cooling. Low power air cooling, high power or multiple spindle heads, water cooling can be considered.
[Cases]S&A CW-3000 water chiller for cooling 1.5KW spindle with rotating speed of 24000 RPM[ 2017-02-09 21:32 ]
S&A received a spindle customer Mr. Chen yesterday. Seeing that his peers were using S&A chillers and they had a good evaluation on S&A chillers, so Mr. Chen wanted to have a try. He would like to purchase S&A cooling water chiller CW-3000 to cool 1.5KW spindle head with rotating speed within 24000 RPM.
[Cases]S&A industrial water chiller for 4*2.2KW spindle heads[ 2015-08-11 03:17 ]
The customer is from ShanDong of China, last year he bought S&A thermolysis type chiller CW-3000 to cool spindle, after testing, he found the quality is very stable. Now the customer is ready to purchase refrigeration type chiller.
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