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S&A water chiller for cooling the analytical lab instrument for 6 years and kept as clean as new[ 10-10 03:40 ]
Generally, it’s inevitable that dust will accumulate in a water chiller when the water chiller has been used for 6 years. I do believe that this is also a normal phenomenon. However I was so astonished when I received an email from SAM, one of our foreign customers.
How to unpick and wash the dust gauze of S&A chiller[ 10-09 03:07 ]
1. Unpick the dust guaze 2. Clean the dirt by air gun If you have no the air gun You can remove the inside gauze to clean After the dust gauze totally dry 3. reinstall the dust gauze
How to maintain S&A industrial chiller for the user[ 10-09 03:06 ]
Now I show you the maintenance of S&A chiller 1. Remove and clean the dust gauze regularly 2. Clean the dust on the gap of condensator regularly 3. Change cooling water regularly and recommend using purified water or distilled water 4. Change the filter element of water filter regularly
The purchase of S&A CW-3000 water chiller by an American laser customer met on the LASER World of PHOTONICS China[ 10-09 03:00 ]
Time flies! It has been nearly half a year ever since S&A attended the LASER World of PHOTONICS China held in March in Shanghai. I met John on the trade show. Till now, we’ve still kept in touch. John’s company mainly deals with the production of laser devices (for laser ablation, milling, engraving, drilling and marking etc.) and the provision of solutions for semiconductor production. In the past, the water chillers they used were made in Europe and America.
S&A CW-3000 water chiller for spindle cooling by CNC machine client[ 09-30 01:59 ]
“Mia, please ship another 50 CW-3000 water chillers to me. But this time, all of the water chillers must be equipped with the copper and aluminum fin condenser and the 45℃ mechanical temperature controller.”--- a call from Timothy, a German customer.
A video regarding identifying the real S&A chiller and the counterfeit by Russian client[ 09-28 22:25 ]
One day, I am surprise to find a client from Russia showing how to identify S&A water chiller and the counterfeit on Youtube. The first step is to check the package of S&A chiller is intact and open the package of chiller, we will find S&A logo marked on the packager, accessory case and the foam packing material. Besides, the real S&A chiller CW-3000 with QR Code、bar code and tag and the handle and water supply cap with S&A logo.
Why had the compressor been started frequently when S&A CW-5200 water chiller for 100W IPG fiber?[ 09-19 22:48 ]
“ Would you please explain why the compressor has been started frequently when the CW-5200 water chiller is connected to our device?” “Hello! Generally speaking, there is no problem if CW-5200 water chiller with 1400W cooling capacity is used to work for 100W IPG fiber laser. Would you please send an on-site picture to me?”
Why do the cooling water discharged from the chiller smelled extremely foul and looked light green[ 09-18 23:45 ]
A customer purchased S&A chiller CW-5200 to cool xenon lamp laser depilator. However, an unbelievable thing happened after the water chiller was delivered to the customer: After the machine was connected, water discharged from the chiller smelled extremely foul and looked light green. As S&A had never encountered such things
How to change the filter element of S&A CW-6100 chiller with dual temperature and dual pump[ 09-03 05:57 ]
Now,I show you how to change the filter element of S&A CW-6100AT The chiller is equipped with dual water filter The wirewound filter is for filtrating the impurity in water loop
The troubleshooting of flow alarm of S&A chiller CW-6000[ 09-03 05:55 ]
Hello,Iam Jaminy from S&A chiller factory Now, I will show you the troubleshooting Regarding the flow alarm of S&A chiller CW-6000 When the flow alarm ocuurs
S&A chillers are shown on D.PES SIGN EXPO CHINA[ 08-30 01:36 ]
As the standard water cooling system, S&A chillers are shown on the D.PES sign expo China along with laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and UV printer.
How to connect water inlet and outlet between chiller and laser[ 08-22 22:22 ]
Now,I will show you How to connect the water inlet and outlet This is water inlet of S&A chiller "inlet"marked on the sheet metal of chiller This is water outlet of S&A chiller
How to change the filter element of S&A CW-5200 water chiller[ 08-22 22:15 ]
Hello,Iam Jaminy from S&A chiller factory Now,I show you how to change the filter element of S&A CW-5200 S&A CW-5200 is equipped with wirewound filter Which is for filtrating the impurity in water loop to keep it clean
S&A chiller is shown on laser newspaper along with MAX 1.5KW single mode fiber laser[ 08-20 04:29 ]
When I read laser newspaper this morning, it is so surprise that S&A chiller CW-6300ET is shown on the newspaper along with customer’s 1.5KW single mode fiber laser machine of MAX brand.
CNC customer is unhappy for the counterfeits chiller of CW-3000[ 08-15 23:58 ]
A customer is a German CNC manufacturer and would like to purchase S&A water cooler CW-3000. He used to use the counterfeits chiller of CW-3000 from Alibaba from different chinese dealers, but he is quite unhappy with the unstable quality.
Why do the water temperature on chiller cw5000 always stay between 27-30C[ 08-03 23:05 ]
A laser tuber customer purchased S&A chiller CW-5000, however, he found the temperature on the chiller stays between 27-30C, too warm, he try to restored it to factory settings and nothing has changed with the temperature.
Regarding if chiller CW-5000 alarm is sounding but no error code is being displayed and can not turn the alarm off[ 08-03 22:00 ]
In alarming state, the alarm sound could be suspended by pressing any button, but the alarm display remains until the alarm condition is eliminated. Besides, if there is no error code and the red light on, that maybe water flow alarm. Troubleshooting as below:
the troubleshooting regarding the flow alarm of S&A chiller CW-5200[ 07-28 23:47 ]
Now, I will show you the troubleshooting Regarding the flow alarm of S&A chiller CW-5200 Thare are three flow alarm statuses
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