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How To Select Appropriate S&A Water Chiller for Cooling CO2 Laser Tube?[ 06-23 09:14 ]
During the visit, S&A introduced the CWFL series fiber laser chiller and CWUL series UV laser chiller to Mr.Marco. However, he seemed to be more interested in the CO2 laser water chiller and asked for a list of the model selection of S&A water chiller for CO2 laser tube.
What is Special About S&A Recirculating Water Chiller CW-7900 ?[ 06-22 09:10 ]
ne Mexican customer Mr. Antonio who deals in EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) contacted S&A and required a water chiller with cooling capacity of 20KW for cooling the reflow oven. With the parameter provided, S&A recommended recirculating water chiller CW-7900 which features cooling capacity of 30KW and the precise temperature control of ±1℃.
With trust, A Portuguese Client Purchased 5 sets of S&A industrial water chillers[ 06-21 09:20 ]
Mr. Faria, one of S&A customers, works for a Portuguese which specializes in selling laser embroidery machines and other embroidery products. He recently purchased 5 units of S&A CW-5000 water chillers characterized by the cooling capacity of 800W and temperature stability of ±0.3℃,for cooling the laser embroidery machine.
S&A Recirculating Water Chiller CW-6000 for Cooling High-Power Laser Diode[ 06-20 13:30 ]
Laser diode, which uses certain semiconductor as the working medium to generate laser light, is one of the most practical lasers in laser industry.
A Japanese Customer Placed An Order of S&A Chiller After He Brought His UV LED to S&A for Cooling Test[ 06-20 09:35 ]
After he arrived at S&A factory, he first visited the workshop and was quite impressed by the large-scale and well-organized production. After testing with various S&A water chiller models, he placed the order of one unit of S&A CW-6000 water chiller for cooling 3KW UV LED in the end.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller Gets Popular Because of Stable Cooling Performance[ 06-19 09:35 ]
S&A developed 4 water chiller models aimed at UV laser market. These 4 water chiller models include CWUL-05, CWUL-10, RM-300 and RM-500 and are specially designed for cooling UV lasers. With the properly designed pipe, these 4 UV laser water chiller models can greatly avoid the bubble, which can help maintain the stable laser light and extend the working life of the UV laser, saving much cost for the users.
A Taiwan Client Purchased 35 Units of S&A Water Chillers At One Time![ 06-15 09:12 ]
He told S&A that he previously used water chillers of foreign brands, but since the water chiller technique of mainland has become more and more mature in the past 10 years, he decided to choose S&A water chiller this time.
S&A Provided Cooling Solution for Client Before the Plane Took Off, Making Great Use of Time[ 06-14 09:15 ]
Recently during the business trip in Korea, S&A salesmen were waiting at the waiting hall of the airport while a Korean customer called and scheduled a meeting there, asking for a cooling solution for YAG welding machine.
Korean Client Used S&A Water Chiller CWFL-4000 for Cooling nLIGHT 4000W Fiber Laser[ 06-13 09:20 ]
With the efforts of promotion in the official websites and different exhibitions at home and abroad, S&A has accumulated more and more oversea customers, encouraging S&A to make great progress. Nowadays, S&A has already developed 90 models of refrigeration type industrial water chillers whose cooling capacity ranges from 0.6KW to 30KW, applicable to more than 100 processing and production industries.
One Integrated CO2 Laser Tube Manufacturer Chose S&A as Long-Term Water Chiller Supplier[ 06-06 09:12 ]
As we all know, industrial chillers play an important role in cooling CO2 laser tubes to keep them working normally and avoid cracking because of high temperature.
S&A Chillers CWUL-10 Are Very Popular Among RFH UV Laser Users[ 06-05 09:15 ]
Recently Mr. Kallo’s company added the Inngu UV lasers and intended to purchase S&A industrial chillers for the cooling process as well. He asked S&A if there was a chiller model which could have great cooling performance on these two types of UV lasers respectively.
A Genevan Client Purchased S&A CWFL Series Water Chiller for Cooling Fiber Laser[ 06-04 09:20 ]
Now it’s already early of June and the chillers are ready to be delivered. We informed him of the situation and also introduced our newly developed CWFL series water chillers to him. The CWFL series water chillers are specially designed for cooling fiber lasers.
Model Selections of S&A Water Chillers Are Here ![ 06-02 09:12 ]
A Russian customer of S&A, who previously produces fiber laser, is now also developing CO2 glass tube lasers. He recently contacted S&A for selecting the appropriate models for his CO2 lasers with different powers.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller is Perfect for Cooling CO2 Laser Cutting Machine[ 06-01 09:15 ]
With the increasing market demand for the CO2 Laser Cutting Machine in the past few years, his company is now making efforts in producing CO2 Laser Cutting Machine. Since this is a new area to Mr. Deniz, he doesn’t know which water chiller should be equipped on the cutting machines. He consulted some of his friends and learned that S&A water chillers are quite good in cooling performance and customer service, so he contacted S&A immediately.
What is Special about S&A Recirculating Water Chiller CW-5000 Recommended by RFH and Inngu ?[ 05-31 09:20 ]
Mr. Elfron works for a Laser Automation company in Australia which used to adopt RFH as the UV laser generator. With the recommendation of RFH, he purchased a S&A water chiller CW-5000 for cooling the UV laser and found that the cooling performance was pretty good.
What is Special about S&A Water Chiller CW-5200 Which is Appointed by an Oversea End-User ?[ 05-30 09:15 ]
According to Mr. Gomez, his End-User is quite satisfied with the cooling performance and the cooling effect of S&A water chiller as well as the great customer service and well-established logistics. Mr. Gomez told S&A that he himself would purchase S&A water chillers in the near future.
Why S&A Chillers Are So Popular Among the Manufacturer of Experiment Instruments?[ 05-29 09:15 ]
Recently, his company is developing and manufacturing the induction heating equipments including High Frequency Reaction Furnace which requires the chillers for the cooling. He came to S&A immediately without hesitation. According to the requirement raised, S&A recommended CW-5200 chiller to cool the High Frequency Reaction Furnace.
S&A CWFL Series Fiber Laser Chiller with Deion Filter Became the First Choice of an Iranian Fiber Laser Manufacturer[ 05-28 09:20 ]
S&A has always maintained a friendly relationship with its clients because of the good quality and the sincere service. Having faith in S&A, many clients of S&A would like to recommend S&A to their friends in the same business.
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