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TEYU Chiller Exhibition News[ 02-28 04:48 ]
March 18-20, 2014 TEYU is going to attend LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2014 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre Booth No.:E3.3362
2014 Chinese Spring Festival holiday[ 01-17 04:29 ]
2014 Chinese Spring Festival holiday: Jan. 20th to Feb. 8th 2014.
Capacitor special laser marking machine with cold water machine[ 12-02 10:59 ]
Standard machine industry standard modular design special capacitor for the laser, using a full set of imported metal packaging RF laser, are all equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer
Fiber laser cutting edge - special domain chiller[ 12-02 10:56 ]
Laser cutting technology continues to progress, fiber laser cutting technology in the past 3 years to 5 years, the technology has been a lot of companies, market customers are aware
Special domain cold water machine working principle[ 12-02 09:37 ]
Cold water machine R & D and production of special domain, is mainly composed of a water tank, a circulating water pump, refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, fan
Customer training record setting cold water machine: thermostat intelligent mode[ 12-02 09:36 ]
The morning of November 26th, Shanghai customers come to our company to visit Mr.zhang. Mr.zhang is a professional manufacturer of CNC engraving machine, engraving machine spindle due to prone to high
UVLED glue curing machine water machine selection[ 12-02 09:34 ]
The main customers for the keys of the mobile phone battery package dispensing, mobile phone, notebook battery package, computer speaker / receiver, coil dispensing and other electronic products
Engraving machine spindle special chillers case[ 12-02 09:32 ]
Special domain cold water machine is widely used in the spindle of engraving machine, welding machine spindle cooling, refrigeration effect chillers, characteristics of stable operation of the spindle
Nichia UVLED beads with cold water machine[ 12-02 09:31 ]
Special domain is specializing in the production of cold water machine company, according to the market demand, launched hundreds of CW series of cold water machine, cold water
The chiller is more suitable for resistance welding machine cooling[ 12-02 09:28 ]
In November 23rd, Shenzhen received a customer calls Advisory chiller. Customers are mainly engaged in precision resistance welding machine R & D, production, sales, and its products are
Low power UVLED lamp with cold water machine[ 12-02 09:27 ]
Morning, a Dongguan UV lamp supplier made a special trip to bring a power to our field tests for UV 300W lamp, select the application of cold water machine
Anatomy field intelligent cold water machine temperature control characteristics[ 12-02 09:24 ]
Guangzhou teyu electromechanical Co., Ltd. R & D, production of cold water machine with a constant temperature and intelligent control in two modes, and the intelligent temperature controller
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