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S&A CW-5200 Chiller, More Than Its Compact Design[ 05-26 09:16 ]
Mr. Kim said that he was quite impressed by the exquisite and delicate appearance of S&A chillers and thought S&A is a trustworthy brand because of its 16-year good reputation and high quality.
The Compact Design Enables S&A CW-5200 Chiller to be Space Saving & Stable Cooling[ 05-25 09:20 ]
Last week, Mr. Hudson, who is the Purchasing Manager of a company specialized in producing Laser Cleaning Machine in California, U.S.A. , visited S&A last week and asked S&A for the advice on how to choose the a chiller to cool the 200W Laser Cleaning Machine.
Thanks for the Great Trust in S&A Chillers - Applied at the Initial R&D Period of the Laser Quenching Machine[ 05-23 09:20 ]
Mr. Wu, the boss of a laser (cladding) company (formally known as the instrument manufacturer), thought there would be a promising future in the laser market, so he started to focus on the research and development of laser quenching machines.
Excellent Cooling Performance - The Client Specializing in Welding Machine Placed Another Order Following the First Ten Sets of S&A Chillers[ 05-22 09:20 ]
Huang finally placed an order of S&A CW-5200 chiller with the cooling capacity of 1,400W, the temperature control accuracy of ±0.3℃and two temperature control systems for different occasions. Thank you for the great trust and support in S&A.
The Reasons Encouraging the Trader to Purchase S&A Chillers - Profession, Quality and After-Sales[ 05-21 10:10 ]
Xia searched and compared various industrial chillers through the Internet, and he soon found S&A chillers ranking on the first page through Baidu engine, and even found S&A’s Alibaba shop. Besides, Xia’ customer also raised the following requirements: excellent cooling performance; good quality; foreign power supply available; English manual attached. After careful comparison, Xia agreed that the CW-6000 chiller recommended by S&A was a top choice for cooling 120W CO2 RF tubes.
S&A Offers more than 120 Kinds of Customized Industrial Chillers for You[ 05-19 09:20 ]
One Shanghai client is an integrated service provider specializing in manufacturing the industrial control & engineering and automatic equipment, including pneumatic components and hydraulic components.
S&A Industrial Chillers - Popular among Clients Due to the Excellent Cooling Performance[ 05-18 09:30 ]
Recently, Luo purchased the fiber laser equipment, but no cooling equipment was provided, so the first well-known manufacturer that Luo thought of was S&A.
Double Protections (Packed in Carton & Wooden Box) of S&A Industrial Chiller for Safety Exportation[ 05-17 09:30 ]
S&A has gradually become a globalized manufacturer after 16 years of development, and the above four official websites in different languages are like a window to allow world-wide customers to get in touch with S&A and know more about our products.
Raycus Recommends S&A CWFL Chiller to the CNC Manufacturer[ 05-11 09:37 ]
Fei contacted S&A immediately to place an order of S&A CWFL-1500 chiller, which is a multi-functional machine designed for cooling the 1,500W fiber laser, in addition to its simultaneously cooling function of the laser and QHB joints.
The Client Specializing in Laboratory Equipment Decided to Purchase S&A Chiller after Careful Comparison with Other Chillers[ 05-09 09:20 ]
Mr. Fan has contacted S&A about the industrial chillers for many times, in order to select appropriate chillers for cooling the laboratory instruments. Chillers are necessary for the products developed recently. In addition, due to the strict requirement for chillers, careful comparison of various chillers of different brands is necessary.
Why S&A Dual Temperature Chiller is More Suitable for Cooling Fiber Lasers?[ 05-08 09:40 ]
The company in Tianjin that Manager Cao works for specializes in manufacturing lasers and is making effort on the research and development (R&D) of fiber lasers for cutting and welding, so as to response to the market demand.
Word of Mouth Marketing among Clients - Stable Cooling Performance of S&A Industrial Chiller[ 05-04 21:33 ]
This client learned from one of his friends about S&A industrial chillers, of which the performance is said to be stable. As the saying goes, “Truth is what stands the test of experience”. Since the friend thinks highly of it, it proves that this machine is really a trustworthy product.
Why Did the Indian Client Choose the S&A Chiller with the Cooling Capacity of 8,500W to Cool the 2,000W Fiber Laser?[ 05-03 22:15 ]
S&A CWFL-3000 chiller is characterized by its cooling capacity of 8,500W and the temperature control accuracy of ± 1°C, which is designed for cooling the fiber lasers.
S&A Offers Different Chillers for Different Spindles with the Same Power and Different Revolutions to Meet the Cooling Requirements[ 05-02 21:29 ]
One scientific research institute purchased S&A CW-6200 chiller with the cooling capacity of 5,100W and the temperature control accuracy of ±0.5°C, which is designed for cooling 5KW 20 rpm spindle. This is the second time that the scientific research institute purchased S&A chiller, which has only been more than a month since the previous deal with us.
S&A Self-Developed Detergents for Avoidance of Limescale[ 04-28 02:08 ]
Lee purchased S&A CW-6200 chiller with the cooling capacity of 5,100W and the temperature control accuracy of ±0.5℃, which is designed to cool 200W CO2 laser RF marker.
Advice on Operation and Maintenance from S&A for Initial Usage of the the Industrial Chiller[ 04-26 02:42 ]
Mr. Liu works in a printing factory which is intended to replace the mercury lamp with UV LED lamp step by step. However, the UV LED lamp is always equipped with the chiller, and S&A UV LED chiller will definitely be a top choice for cooling the UV LED lamp.
Teyu (S&A) Chiller Offers Heating Rods Based on Client’s Demands[ 04-17 21:26 ]
Why the heating rod is necessary for the chiller? This is because the client comes from Xi'an, where the temperature in winter will be relatively low (freezing might occur), which will affect the start of the chiller.
Holiday Protection Measures of S&A Chillers[ 04-11 22:12 ]
An innegligible aspect of the chiller is the protection during the holidays. Please see the following detailed chiller protection measures edited by S&A.
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