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Do You Know the Water Renewing Frequency of Industrial Chiller from S&A Laboratory[ 04-10 22:24 ]
Manager Cao, a new customer of S&A, serves as the manager of the Technical Department in his company. Cao purchased one set of S&A CW-6000 chiller for cooling the environment monitor.
Professional and convincing S&A chillers[ 03-29 21:58 ]
UV flatbed printer can be applied to the printing of numerous materials, such as glass, phone shell, leather, advertising paper, metal signs, etc.
Be careful of appropriate installation location for S&A industrial chiller[ 03-21 22:01 ]
During the visit to the customers, a serious problem have been found by S&A, that is the installation location of S&A chiller. It’s common that many chillers are installed by the users according to their own production environment, but all are installed on the ground.
S&A chiller cools the sewage treatment equipment, which has been accepted by customers[ 02-25 20:45 ]
During the sewage treatment process, there is equipment requiring the industrial chiller to cool down. Mr. Huang, a customer from Foshan, preciously used S&A chiller CW-5200 to cool the sewage environmental protection equipment, which performs very well.
The branch of Guangzhou Teyu electromechanical Co., Ltd. moved to new site[ 01-30 20:49 ]
Panyu branch of Guangzhou Teyu electromechanical Co, Ltd. is mainly responsible for producing the main parts for the chillers, such as outer sheet metal of chillers, condenser, and evaporator, etc..
A customer said that S&A water chillers with English logos are more advantageous in foreign trades[ 01-09 21:18 ]
A fiber laser manufacturer from Jinan, most of whose equipment are selling to Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and other regions, has a good development trend in foreign trades. Currently, its equipment is matched with S&A CW-3000, CW-5000 and CW-6000 water chillers. According to the laser manufacturer, the Chinese and English logos and English instructions of S&A water chillers have a great advantage in foreign trades.
As winter approaches, if automobile antifreeze can be added into water tank of CNC carving machine[ 12-26 20:45 ]
As a kind of precise CNC equipment, the necessary daily maintenance is significant for the service life and accuracy of CNC carving machine. Please maintain CNC carving machines according to the following requirements. One of the maintenance requirements is that keeping the cleanness of cooling water and normal operation of water pump; never making the water spindle motor to be short of water; changing cooling water regularly to avoid the temperature of water being too high.
A customer has been always using S&A CW-5200 water chiller to cool magnetizing machine[ 12-22 21:13 ]
After scanning S&A industrial water chillers on the S&A official website, a technician from a mechanical and electrical company directly purchased S&A CW-5000 water chiller. According to him, his company used this type of S&A water chiller to cool magnetizing machine. Since the customer was in urgent need, we arranged delivery in that afternoon.
Comprehensive analysis of S&A water chillers’ trustworthy reasons from three aspects of quality, appearance and after-sale services[ 12-10 20:57 ]
When purchasing industrial water chillers, broad users find that there are a lot of large and small industrial water chiller manufacturers which offer different prices. Many users have no idea of how to choose a satisfactory water chiller. Now, S&A editor will summarize the elements which affect the price of industrial water chillers.
Three important principles of chillers antifreeze need to aware during usage.[ 12-05 00:40 ]
Three important principles of chillers antifreeze need to aware during usage.
No idea how to anti-freeze for laser system chiller?[ 12-03 21:09 ]
No idea how to anti-freeze for laser system chiller? Three tips to guard your chiller through winter. Working 24 hours Run the chiller for 24 hours per day and make sure the water under recirculation status.
The timely and efficient service provided by S&A to the customer for selecting a water chiller to cool molecular pump has won acclaim from the customer[ 12-01 22:32 ]
The company of Mr. Wang has purchased a molecular pump and the bearings inside must be cooled. Worried about how to select the water chiller, Mr. Wang finally called us at our sales hotline 400-600-2093
Does S&A water chiller need to be filled with refrigerant[ 11-05 21:02 ]
Please allow me to teach you how to judge if a water chiller needs to be filled with refrigerant. The common methods include:
Daily maintenance of S&A industrial water chiller[ 11-02 21:43 ]
Please allow me to arrive at a brief conclusion about the daily maintenance of S&A industrial water chiller:
CW-5000 chiller for chilling the condenser tube on the distilling lab apparatus[ 10-22 22:25 ]
A customer is interested in 1 piece model CW-5000 or CW-5200 as he would like to use it for chilling the condenser tube on the distilling lab apparatus.
CW-5200 chiller for cooling a magnetizer machine[ 10-22 21:39 ]
The customer is from USA, he is interested in CW-5200 model chiller for cooling a magnetizer machine. CW-5200 chiller have 1.4KW cooling capacity, ±0.3℃ precisely temperature control and multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm.
Laser manufacturers carry S&A water chiller to attend the 17th DPES Sign Expo[ 09-26 22:40 ]
As a more professional advertising exhibition held in South China in the second half of the year, the 17th DPES Sign Expo occupies an exhibition area of 20000 square meters with the attendance of around 250 elite enterprises in the industry.
Just one month later, a French manufacturer repurchased S&A CW-5200 water chiller to cool lasers[ 09-25 21:48 ]
Just one month later, a laser manufacturer from France repurchased S&A water chiller. This French laser manufacturer is mainly engaged in the production of plastic laser sintering 3D printer and ceramic 3D printer as well as some printing materials. In June, they purchased an S&A CW-7500 water chiller to cool their 500W all-solid-state semiconductor laser.
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