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S&A was awarded the A Grade Quality Credit Certificate[ 09-11 21:39 ]
In March 2017, S&A was awarded the A Grade Quality Credit Certificate by Guangdong Province Product Certificating Services Association.
A French customer consulted us about how to identify the genuine S&A water chiller on Alibaba[ 09-08 22:46 ]
Recently, S&A has received an email from a French customer, who wishes to order S&A CW-5200 water chiller to cool their 100W glass tube. This French customer is so careful to observe that the blue S&A logo does not appear on some pictures of S&A water chillers on Alibaba.
S&A attended on invitation the itinerant exhibition of Sony 4K HDR laser projectors held in Guangzhou[ 09-06 21:46 ]
On Aug. 02, 2017, S&A attended on invitation the itinerant exhibition of 4K HDR laser projectors held by Sony in Guangzhou. Early on April 24, 2017, Sony began the "itinerant exhibition of 4K HDR laser projectors" in Beijing, where SRX-R815, the only laser phosphor projector that could provide HDR projection function was unveiled for the first time.
With the gradual development of modern mechanical automation, robot welding machine has been introduced in S&A Water Chiller[ 09-04 21:44 ]
With the introduction of electric forklift, S&A has significantly improved the efficiency in logistics and the handling of water chillers. As the production of automatic forklift requires the application of welding equipment, where the welding gun must be cooled with a water chiller due to the high temperature caused by continuous operation, then how could it work without S&A water chiller.
One of our laser customers from Russia promotes S&A water chiller through comics[ 09-01 21:42 ]
S&A has a laser trader from Russia, who mainly deals with laser equipment and laser equipment accessories, ordering S&A water chillers in bulk based on a full container load every time (So cool our customer is).
A cutting bed factory in Beijing chooses S&A for the nice appearance and superior quality[ 08-25 22:02 ]
After the establishment of his own company, Mr. Zhang needed to purchase a water chiller to cool the CO2 laser cutting machine and the embroidery machine. As the previous company of Mr. Zhang had used a Shangdong brand water chiller, he compared the water chiller used by his former company with S&A water chiller in terms of the appearance of water chiller and the details of workmanship
The customer asked if S&A CW-6200AN can be used to cool 15W UV laser marking machine[ 08-14 22:25 ]
An old customer of S&A---Mr. Chen consulted us about the cooling with the relevant water chiller model Mr. Chen had purchased S&A CW-6200AN water chiller before to cool their device. Recently he has just purchased a 15W UV laser, requiring a flow rate of 10-15L/min and a pressure of 0.6-0.8bar. Then he asked if S&A CW-6200AN water chiller could be used for the cooling. Our answer was: No.
Tips for the maintenance of S&A industrial water chiller in summer[ 08-08 22:14 ]
As the machining equipment such as mold spindle, laser cutting machine, high-speed UV inkjet printer, laser marking machine and fiber laser cutting machine will generate heat during the operation, they must be cooled with an industrial water chiller. Especially in hot summer, water chiller will play a more important role. Have all of the customers engaged in spindle equipment, laser equipment, UV devices, marking machine or fiber laser equipment purchased water chiller for their equipment?
The laser manufacturer is in great demand of S&A CW-6000 and CW-5000 water chillers[ 08-07 21:56 ]
Recently, S&A has paid a visit to several customers in Shangdong Province to strengthen the communication with them for a better cooperation. All of these manufacturers in Shangdong mainly specialize in the production of CO2 laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, fiber marking machineand fiber laser cutting machine, which have been sold both at home and abroad.
The magnetizer customer praised the good quality of S&A water chiller and the good service[ 08-06 23:38 ]
Hot in summer, orders from the customers really surprise us. Even some of the customers also recommend S&A water chillers to their friends after they have used S&A water chillers.
One of American customers ordered 10 sets of S&A CW-5200 and CW-6200 water chillers respectively[ 07-31 21:43 ]
As a manufacturer engaged in heating and cooling equipment in USA, the customer has just started the production of cooling equipment and is new in every aspect. Till now, they have sold around 30-40 sets of chiller plants. This American producer came to us and got to know a lot about the cooling effect of S&A water chiller and the parameters of the various models.
Recommended by Raycus, a Dalian manufacturer orders S&A CW-6000 water chiller to cool their Raycus laser[ 07-30 22:33 ]
We received a phone call from a Dalian customer, who said that they would place an order with us directly for S&A water chiller when the phone was got through. Of course, the person in charge from Teyu had asked carefully about what equipment the customer was to cool and if there was any special requirement on the cooling, the pump head and the pump discharge. The customer said with a smile that “You are so responsible for the customer.” But this is necessary for us.
Knowing Teyu through a friend, the customer purchased S&A CW5200 water chiller[ 07-25 21:33 ]
Several days ago, we received a phone call from Mr. Chen, who wished to place an order directly with us for S&A CW-3000 water chiller. He had never used water chiller before. However when he saw that many of the peer companies were using this type of S&A water chiller with good effect having been achieved, he also wished to purchase two water chillers of the same type
Teyu paid a visit to a laser manufacturer for the communication and exchange about the use of S&A water chiller[ 07-24 22:00 ]
Recently, Teyu paid a return visit to a laser manufacturer in Shenzhen City for their use of S&A water chiller. This manufacturer is mainly engaged in the production of fiber cutting and welding machines. Now they are using three brands of water chillers.
Compared with those water chillers produced by the other manufacturers, S&A water chiller with higher reliability has been widely recognized by the customers[ 07-18 21:17 ]
The manufacturer engaged in the production of non-dust cloth in Xiamen City cools three CO2 lasers with three water chillers respectively, among which there are two S&A CW-3000 water chillers and the third one is from the other manufacturer.
The LED packaging company paid a visit to S&A water chiller factory for the exchange of LED cooling technologies[ 07-17 22:27 ]
Confucius had said: It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. Today, we warmly greet Ms. Wu and her colleagues when they pay a visit to Teyu. Ms. Huang now works in an LED packaging company.
The circuit board cutter manufacturer from Singapore purchases S&A water chiller to cool their green laser[ 07-16 21:41 ]
The Singaporean manufacturer: Hello! I’d like to ask for some information about S&A CW-5000 water chiller. Teyu: Hello! Would you please advise what equipment is to be cooled? What’s the requirement for cooling capacity? And is there any requirement on pump discharge and pump head?
S&A CW-6200AT dual temperature and dual pump water chiller finds a good sale in Germany and USA[ 07-11 22:11 ]
Teyu Water Chiller has been keeping a close cooperative relationship with Raycuslaser all the time. With the expansion of the overseas market by Raycuslaser, S&A CW-6200AT dual temperature and dual pump water chiller also sells very well in Germany and USA when it’s used to cool Raycuslaser 1KW fiber laser.
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