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A thumb-up for enduring performance of the S&A CW-5200 water chiller bought in three years ago by the Spanish customer[ 03-29 03:05 ]
Alman again sent an email to S&A that, “I bought an S&A CW-5200 chiller for cooling of the 110W semiconductors several years ago. The chiller remains in good condition. This is very good. Now I want to order another CW-5200 water chiller.”
Technical problems about S&A water chiller asked by a UV exposure machine laser from Taiwan[ 03-25 02:58 ]
Being S&A CW-6300 series of water chillers, the working current of CW-6300EN (3P 380V) water chiller only reach 6A, but whyis the current ofAN and BN (1P 220V) water chillers up to as high as 20A? The maximum current of CW-7500 water chiller, with one level higher, is only 15A! The power, water flow and total current of S&A water chiller are all lower than other brands, but why is its cooling capacity higher than other brands?
Repurchase of S&A CW-5300 water chiller by a British laser customer due to its good test effect[ 03-24 03:05 ]
S&A knew Alvin, a laser customer from Britain several months ago. After purchasing a CW-5300 water chiller, Alvin was satisfied with the effect of water chiller after months of test. He contacted S&A for a second time and would like to purchase a water chiller to cool 1500W CO2 RF laser tube, with target water temperature of 18~22℃. According to the requirements of Alvin, S&A recommended CW-5300AN230S water chiller with 1800W cooling capacity.
The solution to rise of room temperature caused by water chiller[ 03-23 03:02 ]
During operation, water chiller will take some heat away through exhaust outlet. But when indoor space is small, room temperature will rise. Is there any solution to this problem?
The massage in WeChat articles about high quality of S&A water chiller by a laser customer[ 03-22 02:57 ]
In the article This is a Legendary Story about Hilton and His First Manager published in S&AWeChat public account, it is mentioned that “With the principle of being honest, practical and aggressive, S&A Water Chiller insists on meeting each customer with the most sincere service attitude.
The cooling of heating rod of UV solid laser with S&A water chiller in Winter![ 03-16 03:25 ]
President Lin called S&A again and decided to purchase S&A CW-5000 water chiller to cool Rofin 3-5W UV solid laser. Actually, President Lin had called S&A a month ago, expressing that he would like to purchase a water chiller to cool Rofin UV solid laser, and S&A recommended CW-5000AIH water chiller with heating rod then. At that time, considering other factors, President Lin didn’t purchase directly.
Under low temperature in winder, the water temperature of water chiller rises slowly. How to solve this problem?[ 03-15 03:13 ]
Recently, S&A received several calls from customers who asked for solution to the problem that laser couldn’t work as the water temperature of water chiller rose slowly in winter.
A Slovenian customer using S&A CW-5000 water chiller to cool hydraulic heat exchanger[ 03-10 00:52 ]
Jacky, a Slovenian customer said in an e-mail: “Hello, I’d like to purchase an S&A CW-5000 water chiller to cool hydraulic heat exchanger (a requirement table was attached)”
Why S&A CW-6300 water chiller can cool 10 1KW UVLEDs?[ 03-08 01:18 ]
Normally, an S&A CW-6300 water chiller with 8500W cooling capacity is not sufficient to cool 10 1KW UVLEDs. But why S&A recommends CW-6300 water chiller to cool 10 1KW UVLEDs of President Zhang?
A customer in stamping machine thinking S&A CW-5200 water chiller work well, and purchasing the same half a year later[ 03-07 01:09 ]
We just received a call from President Wang, a customer in stamping machine (President Wang purchased an S&A CW-5200 water chiller with 1400W cooling capacity in the first half year). What did President Wang call S&A for?
S&A water chillers are shown on the 2017 Printing South China exhibition[ 03-05 21:07 ]
The exhibition of 2017 Printing South China was held in Guanzhou. As the cooling system of laser machine and UV printer, S&A water chillers are shown on the exhibition.
The cooling of Synrad 100W metal RF tube with S&A CW-6000 water chiller[ 03-04 01:49 ]
“In selection of water chiller, S&A is expert. I’ll choose what you recommend to me! ” This was the first sentence said by the customer President Lin engaged in laser marking when he met S&A. For later selection, President Lin has much trust in S&A.
The cooling of two German 2.5~3.2KW spindles (rotating speed of 60000 RMP) with S&A CW-5200 water chiller[ 03-03 00:41 ]
Germany is about 13000 kilometers away from China, but a German spindle manufacturer has been recommending S&A water chiller to its customers. The fact is that: S&A has cooperated with this spindle manufacturer since two year ago
Raycus fiber laser manufacturer recommending its customers to choose S&A water chiller for water cooling[ 03-02 02:10 ]
Mr. Zhong: Hello, I’d like to purchase a water chiller matched with Raycus 1KW fiber laser. Is there any suitable model? S&A water chiller: Hello, Mr. Zhong. Raycus 1KW fiber laser can match with S&A CW-6200 series of water chiller. What will it be used for? Fiber cutting?
The perfect match of S&A CW-6200AT dual-temperature dual-dump water chiller with 1KW fiber laser[ 02-28 01:39 ]
A laser customer sent an e-mail: “Hello, we introduce a new 1KW fiber laser, but the original water tank can’t cool fiber body and QBH connector simultaneously. I’d like to ask you about the price of CW-6300ET water chiller for cooling fiber laser.”
The cooling of 100KW electrodeless lamp with S&A CW-7800 water chiller[ 02-27 01:47 ]
President Zhou was a manufacturer in functional thin film. Recently, President Zhou introduced a set of thin-film UV curing equipment, the light source of which were six electrodeless lamps (total power of 100W). The stainless steel cold plate was directly used to cool the equipment and absorbed heat, and thin-film curing went on at a speed of 40m/min.
Additional 20 sets of S&A CW-3000 water chillers purchased by a regular Dutch customer[ 02-25 01:30 ]
In 2014, S&A met a Dutch customer, a manufacturer for various kinds of laboratory instruments. Geoff purchased two S&A CW-3000 water chillers at first. Feeling the quality great after receiving the water chiller, he placed an order again to purchase 10 CW-3000 water chillers. Two years later, Geoff contacted S&A again. He affirmed the quality of the water chillers and intended to purchase 20 S&A CW-3000 water chillers again for cooling laboratory instruments.
A CO2 glass tube customer purchases counterfeit S&A CW-5200 water chiller[ 02-24 01:20 ]
Mr. Wang consulted the official website of S&A about the offer as he would like to purchase S&A CW-5200 water chiller to cool two 90W CO2 glass tubes. After S&A gave the offer, Mr. Wang asked why it was more expensive than before.
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