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Hi, Which temperature reaches the the model CW3000 ? I would like to adapt your equipment to my laboratory. Thanks, Nuria
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My company is PSA automotive (France) We received 2 equipements : one is CW-3000 AG and another one is CW-3000AF. But we need for each of them, the parts list inorder to define the apre parts. Please can you send them to me by mail. Thenk you in advance.
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I am looking for a chiller with a recirculating water pump for application with a thermal evaporator system. We only need about 1.0 liters per minute flow rate. I was wondering, is the flow rate adjustable on this CW-3000 chiller?
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how to set temperature in S&A CW3000 , I just bought it
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what is the HS code for the CW3000 when exporting Thanks, Kris
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Hallo. I need a water chiller for a mini induction furnace. (link below) Would this be enough? I was told to use a water chiller or connect it to running water. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Orange-mini-Gold-induction-melting-furnace-silver-melting-furnace-jewelry-tools-and-dental-melting-machine/910452_32746961118.html
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hello. I bought a Redsail laser machine and I need to connect it to yours chiller. But the chiller has 3 pins connector. Where I can find a picture whit 2 I need to use? Laser machine has onli 2 wires.
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Hello, I use theCW-3000 and it worked several times great. Now the Alarm ist still on, but if I connect the inlet and outlet direct, the Alarm is still running. The Water flows I checked it. Can you help me? And if there is something broken, can you give me advise which Spare Part I need. Regards Thomas
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Dear ladies and gentleman I have a question about your product CW-3000; I have a 30 watt co2 laser and I need a chiller for that. so the laser needs a chiller to remove 450 watt from it. is cw-3000 appropriate for us? what does 50w/C means? Best regard Ramin
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The 50W/? of chiller CW-3000 means the circulating cooling water would take away 50W heat when the water temperature rise 1 degree C. CW-3000 is thermolysis type water circulating cooler, it is applied to cool below 80W laser.
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Chiller CW-3000 50W/? radiating capacity
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Thank you for your enquiry, please contact us via email(marketing@teyuchiller.com)
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