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CW-5300DG Can I get more specs and a price for one unit please. Thanks Mike
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Please offer your email, ths
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Dear Sir, I would like to know more about your products. I have gone through the information you have provided on your internet site, but i would like to receive more detailed technical information if you can provide prior to any purchase I make. As you may be aware the Air temperature in our climate reaches 50 degree centigrade in summer. That means the pond water temperature in a humid day can exceed 55 degrees if no cooling provided. Therefore could you please confirm the efficiency of your water chillers by providing a sample calculation for about 2000 to 3000 litres capacity pond and time required to reduce temperature from 55 deg celsius to about 25 deg for CW-5200 model. Also kindly provide following information; 1 Type of compressor; Rotary or Piston 2 If heating option is available for winter time 3 If you do OEM Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Mostafa Saadat Impex Marketing Distribution Co. Doha, Qatar Mob. 974-55802944
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