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Requred chiller for two laser tube 100watt
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Hi Dear we got E2 after around 5 minutes working water chiller and temperature reach to 37 and more all connection is right and clean all parts and no pipe broken we don't know how to fix this problem thanks
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Can you please give me the price for a water chiller CW-5200AI including shipment to Germany. Thanks! Christian
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CW5000AG is it using R22 or R410 gas?
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Hi 5200 chiller made my fault, service do you have in Turkey? manual?
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Please send me quote for the following. 3 Industrial Chiller CW-5200AG.
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What is the price?
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Can u give me the price for CW5200 including shipping fees to Johor Bahru Malaysia.
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please give me your email
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good morning we are sellers of textile machinery in Colombia with over 30 years in the textile market we are interested in acquiring the ref chiller CW-5200BG and we have very good market for them good and where we can do good business with you Please see quote and link http://fukutex.com/site/ http://www.fukutex.net/views/home.php
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