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Please give best price on two CW5000 water chiller with freight included to above address. Thank You
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We need a water chiller for our machine which production 24h non stop. what is the temperature range on this machine ? So, We would like to ask you to quote CW5000 for us. Qt'y = 1 pcs
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Hi, I am student from the Australian National University and We need a water chiller for our laser. The specs we need is at least 100W cooling capacity, and flow rate of at least 1 liter/minute. The working temperature is 20C. Looking forward for your quick reply. It would be great if you can quote a price including delivery for all the suggest chillers. Kind regards, Eli
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Hello, We are interested in purchasing 25-50 - CW-5000/110V which we need Urgently by Air Shipment. We would also like Volume Pricing on quantities of 100 200 and 300 with the best method of transport for regular ordering. Please provide Pricing on: CW-3000/110V CW-5000/110V CW-5200/110V CW-6000/110V Thank you, Cru Matos Logistics Manager Boss Laser LLC
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Dear Sir / Madam Our company, Hanter is a manufacturer of CNC router and laser machine in Korea. Some of our machines use CW5000 chilller. So, We would like to ask you to quote CW5000 for us. You can contact me in SKYPE or Wechat. SKYPE : limjaebong3 Wechat : imjaebong Your quick response would be very appreciated. Best Regards, Lim
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I've tried your tech support email and it's coming back as undeliverable: Hello, My brand-new chiller doesn't seem to be working. Filled it up, turned it on, it just beeps and the display flashes. Any steps I can take? Here's a video of what happened: https://goo.gl/photos/csucCUtG3LzTrMts8 Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jesse Card Zot Lasers
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Hi friend, I buy 1 week ago the Chiller CW-5000, can you send me the French language manual if you have it ? thanks you, best regards
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I currently have a CW5000 that came with my Laser from Golden Sign in China. My system is less then 6 months old and the copper tubing has cracked at the evaporator and loss all refrigerant. I don't know if your factory is the manufacturer of my chiller but it looks exactly like yours in the picture but mine don't have your S&A decal on the front. I'm still waiting to hear from Golden Sign. I have a 150W Co2 Laser should I be using the CW5200? The label on the back of my machine says 1000W cooling capacity. Can you give me a price on the correct chiller that I need shipped to Horace, North Dakota My voltage requirements are 240V 60HZ. Thank You
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cw 5000
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I bought a CW-5000AG water chiller for my laser machine from Perfect Laser in South Africa. When I received The machine the only item in the packaging box was the machine and the power cable. Please can you let me know if it is correct as I have looked at some manuals that I managed to down load from the internet showing me that the packaging list is as follows 1. CW 5000 water chiller 2. Power Cable 3. Connection hose 4. Sealing washer 5. 5 Amp spare Fuse 6.User Manual 7. Alarm signal output Plug
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Good Day: I was wondering if you have an online manual for a S&A CW-5200AG Industrial Water Chiller Thanks Stvee
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Dear sir/madam, I have bought a CW-5000 chiller for my laser cutter, however, the chilling functionality is not working. Water is flowing, so the pump is working, but when I use the laser cutter, the temperature of the water will slowly rise to 30 ¨C and then it takes a very long time to cool down. Have you got any idea what the problem could be? I have bought my chiller through Sinjoe. Kind regards, Freek
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Hi there, I have you cw3000 chiller for 3 years on 80w laser machine, from SUDA company. As you guess, it can not chill water well when we do cutting at 100 % of power. For engraving with lower power is ok. So you would like you offer for better chiller, I don`t know if this 5000 model is ok for my laser, or you suggest some other model?
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S&A chiller model CW-5000 is satisfied with the cooling demand of 80W laser tube. Thanks for using S&A chiller.
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price CW 5000 and CW 5200 thank you Jose Martin
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Is there any difference in construction material between cw5000 and cW5200. There has been talk that the 5000 has corrosion problems because of the internal material been of two different types and the 5200 does not. Please advise
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Chiller CW-5000 and CW-5200 are different from internal construction material, such as pump spec, compressor, comdensator and other components. The cooling capacity of CW-5000 is 800W and CW-5200 is 1400W. They both have temperature accuracy of +/-0.3 °C, intelligent and constant two control modes, and multiple alarm functions. CW-5000 has no corrosion problem, however, we suggest using purified water or distilled water as cooling water.
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We are looking for a chiller for a small chemical distillation apparatus.(Fits in a lab hood) Can you recommend to us a unit/model? Also can you provide pricing and delivery information as well?
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Here I have few questions that need your help to confirm if the chiller model fits your application: 1. How much is the heating power needs to be dissipated? 2. What's the target water temperature and ambient temperature? 3. Do you have requirement about the water pressure and flow rate?
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How would you go about to re gas the CW-5000 Industrial Chiller?
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Please refill the gas in local air-conditioning maintenance shop
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Dear S&A we need to buy a CW5000DG please letme know pay methods and shipping process. Thank you Manuel Ruiz www.prosenal.com 58-2617921145 Maracaibo Venezuela
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We also accept PayPal. You can choose air freight and ocean shipping. However, we need to drain the gas if using air freight and you can refill it in local air-conditioning maintenance shop, otherwise, you can choose ocean shipping.
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