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How to Buy the Authentic S&A Industrial Water Chillers?[ 08-15 09:10 ]
Last Tuesday, S&A received an e-mail from a Russian customer who purchased S&A industrial water chiller CW-5200 for cooling high-speed CNC engraving machine. In his e-mail, he expressed the satisfaction with the stable cooling performance of S&A industrial water chiller CW-5200 and was grateful that his several questions about the maintenance of the chiller were answered very quickly by S&A after-sales department.
Do You Know Which Equipment Should Be Turned On First? Fiber Laser or Industrial Water Chiller?[ 08-14 09:15 ]
Well, in order to make sure the industrial water chiller has enough time for refrigeration so that it can cool the fiber laser effectively, it is suggested to turn on the industrial water chiller first and then the fiber laser.
Small Chiller, Big Function –S&A Water Chillers CW-5200[ 08-13 09:15 ]
Mr. Morgan from Singapore left a message at S&A official website last week, asking for the detailed parameters of S&A CW-5000 series water chillers. He wanted to use S&A industrial water chillers to cool the high frequency electromagnetic drying machine which is applied in drying the paint of the ring-pull can.
S&A Industrial Water Chillers Provide Stable Cooling for Laser Beauty Machine[ 08-11 09:15 ]
Mr. Schiavi, an Italian businessman, also saw the great potential in beauty business and established a laser beauty machine company. During the production, industrial water chiller is needed to cool the solid-state laser of the beauty machine, so he contacted S&A for the purchasing.
S&A Water Chillers Provide Effective Cooling for Different Kinds of Lasers[ 08-10 09:20 ]
A French Institute initiated a testing of semi-conductor lasers in five of its labs last year and each lab was equipped with S&A water chiller machine CW-5200 for cooling semi-conductor laser during the test. S&A water chiller machine CW-5200 is characterized by its compact design which doesn’t cost too much space and two temperature control modes which can meet different needs of different users.
An American Customer Met in the Exhibition Placed the Order of S&A Industrial Water Chillers CW-3000[ 08-06 09:15 ]
Why Mr. Howell has such a special feeling for S&A CW-3000 water chiller? Does S&A CW-3000 water chiller meet the cooling requirement of his equipment? After communicating with him, we knew that one technician in his company got the catalog of S&A water chillers in an exhibition and was particularly interested S&A CW-3000 water chillers after knowing its detailed parameters.
S&A Water Chiller Machine CWUL-10 Provides Stable & High Precision Cooling for UV Laser Cutting Machine[ 08-04 09:20 ]
UV laser cutting machine can be applied in multiple processing procedures of flexible plate production, including outline cutting, exterior cutting, hole drilling and so on.
Want to Cool Projection Welding Machine in This Summer? S&A Water Chiller can Help You![ 08-03 09:15 ]
To take away the heat from the equipment effectively no matter what the temperature is, a professional industrial water chiller is what the users need. S&A provides 90 different kinds of water chiller models applicable to more than 100 manufacturing and processing industries.
S&A CWFL Series Water Chiller Machines–Born For Cooling Fiber Lasers[ 08-02 09:15 ]
With the good using experience of S&A water chillers, he called S&A last week and established the long-term cooperation relationship with S&A. From next week on, he will purchase water chillers from S&A periodically every year.
Why Industrial Hydraulic System Can Not Work Without the Cooling From Water Chillers?[ 08-01 09:15 ]
Some people may ask, “Why the hydraulic system needs to be cooled down by the water chiller when it is working?” Here is why. When the hydraulic system is working, there will be power losses from different aspects and most of these power losses turn into heat, making the temperature of the hydraulic components and the working liquid increase, so that working liquid leakage, broken lubricating oil film and aging sealing components are more likely to occur and affect the whole system.
With S&A Industrial Water Chillers, Cooling Spindle Has Never Been so Easy![ 07-31 09:15 ]
A purchasing manager from a Spanish electronic company sent S&A an e-mail last Tuesday, saying that he wanted to purchase S&A water chiller to cool 16KW spindle. It is worth mentioning that this client learned about S&A from a professor of a Spanish college who has ever used S&A water chiller in his lab.
Market Demand is What Proves the High Quality of S&A Industrial Water Chillers[ 07-30 09:20 ]
With this continuous progress, S&A gradually becomes a well-known brand and the market demand for S&A water chillers is increasing. We often hear people say that they saw many laser equipment manufacturers bring S&A water chillers to the exhibition or their friends used S&A water chillers or they saw most of the users choose S&A water chillers in the market.
An Indian Customer Placed the Order Right After He Visited the Production Line of S&A Water Chillers[ 07-28 09:20 ]
During this visit, Mr. Patel and his staff visited S&A workshops of CW-3000, CW-5000 series, CW-6000 series and CWFL series water chillers and got to know the performance test and the packing process of the chillers before delivery. He was quite impressed by the large production scale of S&A and satisfied with the fact that S&A water chillers all pass rigid test before delivery.
S&A High Precision Recirculating Water Chillers CW-5200 for Cooling 600W Ozone Generator[ 07-27 09:30 ]
What this customer finally chose is S&A high precision recirculating water chiller CW-5200 and it is used for cooling 600W ozone generator. S&A water chiller CW-5200 features the cooling capacity of 1400W and precise temperature control of ±0.3℃ with compact design and ease of use.
S&A Provides Customized Water Cooling Solution for Laboratory Equipment[ 07-26 09:25 ]
In an exhibition in Hong Kong last year, Mr. Furlan from Brazil learned about S&A and got to know the full details of S&A industrial water chillers, for he was quite interested in them. Recently he intended to buy some water chillers to cool his laboratory equipment. Based on what he knew about S&A water chillers in that exhibition, he immediately came up with S&A and contacted S&A.
How to Select S&A Laser Chiller Units for Cooling Raycus Fiber Lasers?[ 07-25 09:20 ]
He has witnessed the rapid development of the fiber laser cutting machine market in the past few years, so he decided to expand his business to fiber laser cutting machines a few months ago. He uses Raycus fiber laser as the laser source. Everything is ready except finding the appropriate laser chiller unit.
S&A Recirculating Water Chillers for Cooling UV LED from a Spanish Printer Manufacturer[ 07-24 09:10 ]
S&A offers multiple models of industrial water chillers to cool UV LED of different powers. With the parameters provided, S&A recommended small industrial water chiller CW-5000 to cool his 600W UV LED.
S&A Dealt With An Urgent Order in a Highly Efficient Way[ 07-23 09:25 ]
After several conversations, it turned out that this customer Mr. Huong, who is a Vietnamese businessman, met our boss at the Shenzhen Fair previously and has been quite interested in our recirculating water chiller CWUL-10 which our boss recommended for cooling his 15W UV laser.
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