Effects of bubbles in cooling water on precision laser cannot be ignored. 2018-11-29
Showing our own ingenuity, S&A CWUL-10 water chiller is designed purposely for precision laser.

In the previous case about the application of CWUL-10 water chiller, we’ve mentioned that bubbles in the cooling water of water chiller will affect the precision laser. Then what kind of influence would it be?
Firstly, we need to understand how bubbles in the cooling water can be formed. Generally the formation of bubbles results from the improper design of pipeline inside the water chiller.

Please allow me to make a brief analysis on the influence of bubble formation on the precision laser:

1. As heat cannot be absorbed by bubbles in the pipe, it would lead to the uneven heat absorption by water and thus cause the improper heat dissipation of the equipment. Then heat will be accumulated in the equipment during the operation, and the severe impact force generated when bubbles are flowing in the pipe will cause cavitation erosion and vibration on the internal pipe. In this case, when laser crystal operates under strong vibration condition, it will lead to crystal faults and more light extraction optical loss to shorten the service life of the laser.

2. The continuous impact force imposed by something like medium material that has been formed by bubbles on the laser system will bring about oscillation to some extent, which would consequently give rise to a hidden danger to the laser. Moreover, the UV, green and fiber lasers have strict requirements on water cooling. As the service life of the embedded chip is closely related to the water pressure stability of the circulating cooling water, the oscillation caused by bubbles will significantly reduce the service life of the laser.

Warm tips about S&A water chiller: The correct start-up sequence for the operation of laser with water chiller: Firstly, turn on the water chiller and then activate the laser. This is because that if laser is activated before the start-up of the water chiller, the operating temperature (It’s 25-27℃ for ordinary lasers) might not be achieved immediately when the water chiller is started up and this will certainly affect the laser.

For the cooling of precision laser, please choose S&A CWUL-10 water chiller. With a reasonable piping design, it can significantly prevent the formation of bubbles to stabilize the light extracting rate of laser and extend the service life. Therefore it can facilitate the users to save the cost.

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