Industrial Chiller CW-6200 for Cooling 150W CO2 Laser Tubes 2018-11-26

Mr. Francois works for a French company which specializes in producing high power integrated CO2 laser tubes and each tube is 150W. His company is now trying to fold 3 laser tubes or 6 laser tubes but it is still at R&D stage. As we all know, industrial chillers play an important role in cooling CO2 laser tubes to keep them working normally and avoid cracking because of high temperature.

Mr. Francois has been using S&A CW-6200 water chiller to cool 3 CO2 laser tubes and it has great cooling performance. But lately, he found that the cooling effect of the chiller was not so good in summer. According to S&A experience, the chiller may have this problem after being used for a long time, mainly due to the following reasons:

1. The heat exchanger inside the chiller is very dirty. Please clean the heat exchanger accordingly.
2. The Freon leaks from the chiller system. Please find out and weld the leakage point and then refill the refrigerant.

3. The chiller is running in a terrible environment (i.e. ambient temperature being too high or too low), which makes the chiller fail to meet the cooling requirement of the equipment. In this case, please select another appropriate chiller.

Mr. Francois the suggestion and solved the problem by cleaning the heat exchanger in the end.

In respect of production, S&A has invested the production equipment of more than one million yuan, ensuring the quality of a series of processes from the core components (condenser) of industrial chiller to the welding of sheet metal; in respect of logistics, S&A has set up logistics warehouses in the main cities of China, having greatly reduced the damage due to the long-distance logistics of the goods, and improved transport efficiency; in respect of after-sales service, the warranty period is two years.

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