The development and breakthrough of domestic laser water chiller 2021-04-17

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Laser is considered as one of the most representative novel processing technique. It realizes cutting, welding, marking, engraving and cleaning by using laser light energy on the work pieces. As a “sharp knife”, more and more applications of laser are found. For the time being, laser technique has been used in metal processing, molding, consumer electronics, automobile parts, aerospace, food & medicine and other industries.

2000 to 2010 are the 10 years when domestic laser industry began to grow. And 2010 till now are the 10 years when laser technique is thriving and this trend is going to last.

In laser technique and its new products, the major players are of course the laser source and the core optical element. But as we know, what really makes laser becomes practical is the laser processing machine. Laser processing machines like laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and laser marking machine are the integrated products that combines optical, mechanical and electronic components. These components include machine tool, processing head, scanner, software control, mobile system, motor system, light transmission, power source, cooling device, etc. And this article is focusing on the laser-use cooling device.

Domestic laser cooling units are under rapid growth

Cooling device is generally divided into water cooling machine and oil cooling machine. Domestic laser applications mainly require water cooling machine. The dramatic grow of laser machine helps promote the demand of the laser cooling units.

According to the statistics, there are more than 30 enterprises which supply laser water chillers. Just like the normal laser machines, the competition among laser water chiller suppliers are also quite fierce. Some enterprises originally deal in air purification or refrigeration transport but later enter into the laser refrigeration business. As we know, industrial refrigeration is an industry of “easy at the beginning, but hard on the later stage”. This industry will not be this competitive for a long time and a small number of enterprises with superior quality product and well-established after-sales service will stand out in the market and accounts for the most of the market share.

Nowadays, there are already 2 or 3 enterprises standing out in this fierce competition. One of them is S&A Teyu. Originally, S&A Teyu mainly focused on CO2 laser chiller and YAG laser chiller, but later expanded its business scope to high power fiber laser chiller, semiconductor laser chiller, UV laser chiller and later ultrafast laser chiller. It is one of the few chiller suppliers that cover all types of lasers.

During the 19 years of development, S&A Teyu gradually becomes a well-recognized brand by the laser machine suppliers and the laser end-users with its reliable performance and high stability. Last year, the sales volume reached 80000 units, which is leading in the whole country.

As we know, one of the most important parameters of laser chiller unit is cooling capacity. Chiller with higher capacity can be used for higher power application. For the time being, S&A Teyu has developed air cooled recirculating laser chiller for 20KW fiber laser. This chiller has a proper design in the chiller body and the closed water loop. Temperature stability is another important parameter. For high power laser machine, it generally requires temperature stability to be ±1℃ or ±2℃. By precisely controlling the temperature for the laser machine, a laser water chiller can ensure the normal working and the long lifespan of the laser machine.

Besides, S&A Teyu continues to improve the cooling technology and launches new products, including chiller specifically designed for UV laser marking machine and UV laser cutting machine and chiller specifically designed for handheld laser welding machine of 1000-2000W with temperature stability of ±1°C.

S&A Teyu has never stopped in the road of innovation. 6 years ago in an oversea laser fair, S&A Teyu spotted a high precision ultrafast laser with temperature stability of ±0.1°C. The cooling technology of ±0.1°C temperature stability had always been controlled by European countries, the U.S. and Japan. Realizing the gap with these countries, S&A Teyu decided to innovate its cooling technology to catch up with its foreign counterparts. During these 6 years, S&A Teyu experienced twice failures, which indicates the difficulty to achieving this high temperature stability. But all the efforts got paid off. At the beginning of 2020, S&A Teyu finally successfully developed the CWUP-20 ultrafast laser water chiller of ±0.1°C temperature stability. This recirculating water chiller is suitable for cooling solid-state ultrafast laser up to 20W, including femtosecond laser, picosecond laser, nanosecond laser, etc. Find out more information about this chiller at

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    Provide systematic products and customized service; Products diversification and wide applications; More than 90 chiller models to choose; More than 120 chiller models available for customization; Applicable to over 100 manufacturing and processing industries; Cooling capacity ranging from 0.6kW to 30 kW. Technology Advantage a. With 19 years development, gradually grow as the industry standard builder and quality guarantee. b. ±0.1℃ high precision temperature control, stable cooling performance, support ModBus-485 communication, which can realize the commnucation between the laser system and multiple water chillers to achieve two functions: monitoring the working status of the chillers and modifying the parameters of the chillers, constant temperature and intelligent temperature control modes. c. With excellent laboratory testing system, simulates actual working environment for chiller. Overall performance testing before delivery: aging test and complete performance test must be executed on each finished chiller. Product Advantage a. With 11 patent certificates and won Quality integrity Level A certificate; b. ISO 9001, CE, RoHS and REACH environmental certificated. c. Conforms to air transport requirements, energy saving and environment friendly. d. Offer customized service to fulfill various demands of customer. e. Independent production of sheet metal, evaporator and condenser,minmize risks of water and refrigerant leakage and improve quality.
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    The warranty is 2 years and the product is underwritten by insurance company.  S&A Teyu has established service points in Russia, UK, Poland, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, India, Korea and Taiwan.

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