Water chillers CW-5000 cooling capacity 800W

CW-5000 industrial water chiller has 800W cooling capacity. It’s able to cool CO2 laser tube, CNC spindle or welding equipment or solid-state laser.

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S&A Teyu CW-5000 is refrigeration type air cooled industrial water chillers of 800W cooling capacity. It’s able to cool CO2 laser tube,CNC spindle or welding equipment or solid-state laser.

S&A Teyu industrial water chillers are popular for its 2 temperature control modes as constant temperature and intelligent temperature control mode. Under intelligent mode, the water temperature is adjusted according to ambient temperature. With that 1 key solution, customers no longer need to worry about the water temperature adjustment of seasonal changes.



1. 800W cooling capacity; use environmental refrigerant

2. Compact size, long working life and simple operation;

3. ±0.3°C precise temperature control;
4. The intelligent temperature controller has 2 control modes, applicable to different applied occasions;  with various setting and display functions;
5. Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm;
6. Multiple power specifications; CE,RoHS and REACH approval;
7. Optional heater and water filter.

One-stop automatic intelligent temperature control: in different environment, user does not need to change setting due to it will automatically switch to appropriate operating temperature. 
CW-5000: applied to cool CO2 laser tube;
CW-5000: applied to cool CNC spindle or welding equipment;
CW-5000 : applied to cool solid-state laser.


Note: the working current can be different under different working conditions; The above information is for reference only. Please subject to the actual delivered product.


Independent  production  of  sheet  metal,evaporator and condenser

High precision temperature control system

Adopt IPG fiber laser for welding and cutting sheet metal. Temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.3°C.
intelligent temperature controller

Ease  of  moving  and  water  filling

The firm handle can help move the water chillers easily.
water supply inlet

Inlet  and  outlet  connector  equippedMultiple alarm protection.

The laser will stop working once it receives alarm signal from the water chiller for protection purpose.
water inlet & outlet

Cooling fan of famous brand installed.

Level gauge equipped.
Cooling fan with high quality and low failure rate.
 water level gauge & cooling fan

Customized dust gauze available and easy to take apart.

  Identify Teyu(S&A Teyu) authentic chiller  

All of S&A Teyu water chillers are certified with design patent. Counterfeiting is not allowed. 
Please recognize S&A Teyu logo when you purchase S&A Teyu water chillers.
Components carry “S&A Teyu” brand logo. It is an important identification distinguishing from counterfeit machine.
S&A Teyu water chillers logo

  More than 3,000 manufacturers choosing Teyu (S&A Teyu)   

chiller workshop

  The reasons of quality guarantee of Teyu (S&A Teyu) chiller  

Compressor in Teyu chiller: adopt compressors from Toshiba, Hitachi, Panasonic and LG etc well-known joint venture brands.

water chiller compressor

Independent production of evaporator: adopt standard injection molded evaporator to minimize risks of water and refrigerant leakage and improve quality.

water chiller evaporator

Independent production of condenser: condenser is the center hub of industrial chiller. Teyu invested millions in condenser production facilities for the sake of strictly monitoring production process of fin, pipe bending and welding etc to ensure the quality.Condenser production facilities: High Speed Fin Punching Machine, Full Automatic Copper Tube Bending Machine of U Shape, Pipe Expanding Machine, Pipe Cutting Machine.  

chiller condenser

Independent production of Chiller sheet metal: manufactured by IPG fiber laser cutting machine and welding manipulator. Higher than higher quality is always the aspiration of S&A Teyu

S&A Teyu chiller


How to adjust the water temperature for T-503 intelligent mode of chiller


S&A Teyu cw5000 air cooled chiller application


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Why us
  • Technology Leader Technology Leader
    Provide systematic products and customized service; Products diversification and wide applications; More than 90 chiller models to choose; More than 120 chiller models available for customization; Applicable to over 100 manufacturing and processing industries; Cooling capacity ranging from 0.6kW to 30 kW. Technology Advantage a. With 19 years development, gradually grow as the industry standard builder and quality guarantee. b. ±0.1℃ high precision temperature control, stable cooling performance, support ModBus-485 communication, which can realize the commnucation between the laser system and multiple water chillers to achieve two functions: monitoring the working status of the chillers and modifying the parameters of the chillers, constant temperature and intelligent temperature control modes. c. With excellent laboratory testing system, simulates actual working environment for chiller. Overall performance testing before delivery: aging test and complete performance test must be executed on each finished chiller. Product Advantage a. With 11 patent certificates and won Quality integrity Level A certificate; b. ISO 9001, CE, RoHS and REACH environmental certificated. c. Conforms to air transport requirements, energy saving and environment friendly. d. Offer customized service to fulfill various demands of customer. e. Independent production of sheet metal, evaporator and condenser,minmize risks of water and refrigerant leakage and improve quality.
  • Production Advantage Production Advantage
    18,000 square meters brand new industrial refrigeration system research center and production base. Strictly execute ISO production management system, using mass modularized standard produces, and standard parts rate up to 80% which are the source of quality stability. Annual production capacity of 80,000 units, focus on large, medium and small power chiller production and manufacture. S&A Teyu Chiller Quality Control System Purchasing Strictly control and manage supply chain Ensure that each component is compliant with using standard Pre-production control Full inspection on key components Aging test on key components Production assembly process Standardized implementation on technology Assemble the chillers in strict accordance with specific regulated manufacturing procedures. Before delivery Overall performance testing Aging test and complete performance test must be executed  on each finished chiller. Delivery Delivery on time Shorten the overall response cycle of customer's supply chain Customer service 2 years warranty Lifetime maintaince and repair 24/7 hotline service with quick response
  • S&A chiller sales network S&A chiller sales network
    The warranty is 2 years and the product is underwritten by insurance company.  S&A Teyu has established service points in Russia, UK, Poland, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, India, Korea and Taiwan.
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