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Dual Temp. Water Chiller Provides Great Protection for the Increasingly Popular High Power Fiber Laser 2018-12-04

There is no doubt that fiber laser has the most rapid and remarkable development in the Chinese laser industry. Over the past 10 years, fiber laser has experienced the skyrocketing growth. For the time being, fiber laser has accounted for more than 50% of the market share in the industry, which is the major player with no doubt. The global revenue of industrial laser increased from 2.34 billion in 2012 to 4.68 billion in 2017 and the market scale has doubled. There is no doubt that fiber laser has become dominant in laser industry and this kind of domination will last for rather a long time in the future.

Versatile Player

What makes fiber laser unique is its great flexibility, very low cost and more importantly, its capability of working on many different kinds of materials. It can operate not only on carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy and non-metal materials but also on highly reflective metals, such as brass, aluminum, copper, gold and silver. Comparing with fiber laser, CO2 laser or other solid-state laser is easily damaged when processing the highly reflective metals, for the laser light will reflect off the metal surface and back to the laser itself, doing great harm to the laser device. However, fiber laser won’t have this kind of issue.

In addition to the fact that fiber laser can operate on highly reflective metals, the materials that it cuts have wide applications. For example, the thick copper that it cuts can be used as the electrical connection bus; The thin copper that it cuts can be used in construction; The gold or silver that it cuts/welds can be used in jewelry design; The aluminum that it welds can become the frame structure or car body.

3D metal printing/additive manufacturing is another new area that fiber laser can be applied to. With high level material printing performance, fiber laser can create components with superior dimension accuracy and resolution very easily.

Fiber laser also plays an key role in power battery of electric automobile. In the past, the electrode pole piece of  the battery had to go through procedures like trimming, cutting and die cutting, but these procedures not only wear out the cutter and the mould but also make it less likely to change the design of the components. However, with fiber laser cutting technique, technicians can cut any shape out of the component by editing the shape in the computer. This kind of non-contact laser cutting technique has made the monthly changing routine of cutter or mould become a past tense.

Superior Processing Tool

In terms of additive manufacturing and metal cutting markets, fiber laser is expected to have more and more applications considering its rapid growth, although it just entered the additive manufacturing market. With the increasing production efficiency and cost competitiveness, fiber laser cutting technique will continue to be the first economic choice of manufacturers and gradually replaces non-laser techniques like water jet, plasma cutting, blanking and normal cutting.

Looking back the development of fiber laser from the perspective of medium-high power laser processing trend, 1kW-2kW fiber laser was the most popular in the early laser market. However, with the demand of increasing processing speed and efficiency, 3kW-6kW fiber laser has gradually become the heated product. Considering the current trend, it is expected that the demand of 10kW or higher power fiber laser will increase in the near future.

Perfect Combination – Water Chiller & Fiber Laser

Coffee and milk are the perfect combination. So are water chiller and fiber laser! While fiber laser is gradually replacing other laser solutions and non-laser techniques in industrial processing area and the demand of fiber laser (especially high power fiber laser) is increasing, the requirement of fiber laser cooling equipment will also increase. As the necessary cooling equipment for medium-high power fiber laser, laser chiller will also be in great demand.

There are a dozen of well established enterprises which deal in laser cooling equipment in China. Among those enterprises, GUANGZHOU TEYU ELECTROMECHANICAL CO., LTD.(also known as S&A) has the biggest shipment and largest production scale. The dual temp. water chillers that it produces are specially designed for cooling fiber laser and have dual circulation refrigeration system and dual independent temperature control system as high & low temperature control system. The high temperature control system is for cooling QBH(optics) while low temperature control system is for cooling the fiber laser device, which can greatly reduce the generation of the condensed water and save cost & space.

S&A dual temp. water chillers support MODBUS communication protocol, which can realize the communication between the laser system and multiple chillers. It can realize two functions, including monitoring the working status of the chiller and modifying the parameters of the chiller. When the working environment and the working requirement of the chiller need to be changed, users can revise the chiller parameter on the computer very easily.

S&A dual temp. water chillers are equipped with triple filtering device, including two wire-wound filters for filtering the impurities and one de-ion filter for filtering the ion , which is very considerate for the users.

For the time being, fiber laser is increasingly used in different kinds of industries. With the increasing demand of high power fiber laser, fiber laser water chillers will definitely become the necessary equipment for most of the fiber laser users.

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